High School Enrollment (2006-2021)

Why should the Concord school district be willing to eliminate guaranteed attendance clause from the contract with the Deerfield school district?! Because they have collapsing enrollment…down over 15% in the last decade, and down 19.3% in the past 14 years (the time frame for which data is publicly available from the NH Department of Education)! They are desperate for students (read REVENUE)!

Doing the work that the Deerfield school board cannot be bothered to do…or even assign to staff to do…

When we look at whether we can get a contract with CHS that does NOT include a 90% enrollment requirement … Kevin has highlighted why CHS would do this. CHS, like many public schools, is facing decreased enrollment. That puts Deerfield in a very good negotiating position. Once we vote the current CHS contract down in March, the one that requires all of our students to attend Concord and does not allow school choice … Deerfield can work toward a school choice model and a Concord contract without the 90% requirement.