Giving Deerfield residents high school choice does NOT mean Concord High should not be an option. Choice means each family will have the opportunity to choose the best high school for their teen(s). Deerfield is unique in the fact that we do not have a public high school located in our town. For many years the young adults graduating from DCS had options… Here are the most frequently asked questions in regards to our opportunities:


Coe-Brown is currently ranked #25 and Pembroke Academy is ranked #39 in the state of NH, whereas Concord High is #55 [reported by USNews]. These scores are calculated by taking into account test scores, graduation rate, and college readiness.


DISTANCE: The Deerfield School Board conducted in 2021, with the following question, asking the current parents of DCS (K-8) “How important do you think each of the following will be to you or your student in making high school a good or bad experience?” The responses from about 300 parents concludes that “Shorter distance to school” & “Greater availability of transportation” are Very Important.

That same year, they also conducted a survey asking the current CHS students to rate their satisfaction with transportation options. Consensus = They were NOT satisfied.

In 2009, the DCS Board paid UNH to help conduct another survey asking the then current Concord High School parents & students “For your child and your family, what are the disadvantages or difficulties of attending Concord High School?” Results: 80% said ‘Distance From Home’ was one of the biggest issues. Click Here to see survey charts >

*The average GPS distance from Deerfield to Concord High is 30 minutes, whereas the average distance to Coe-Brown is 18 minutes. However, many families report it actually taking 50 minutes to get to Concord High vs. 20 minutes to Coe-Brown.

TRANSPORTATION: Deerfield has had difficulty providing the adequate number of school busses for years due to lack of staffing at Dale Transportation. If there are multiple high school options, Deerfield would only provide public transportation to their “contracted” school(s). If they were to contract a different high school that is closer in distance, the invoices from Dale would be less due to less fuel, etc.


The DCS Board has been quoted stating their legal counsel instructed them not to offer school choice due to their belief that it would be “inequitable.” The attorney is factually incorrect. “Top Off Agreements” are, and have been in use in NH for decades. They are perfectly legal and protect tax payers. (see dropdown below for more info)


Concord High has a competitive tuition rate. The primary allure of CHS is said low tuition rate and their D1 sports. It is not appealing for academics or other education based criteria. *FACT: Expanded school choice has been supported by a majority of attendees at both public forums and on multiple questionnaire responses in Deerfield. Without a high school of our own, why not offer choice?

THE VALUE OF A GOOD EDUCATION? – “The primary obstacle to school choice model is cost: $14k for CHS and $18k for CBNA.” Any other school will be a bit more expensive than CHS and will increase taxes if the town chooses it as their “School of Record” instead. CHS saves us $4,000 per student per year over CBNA. $727k more per year for school choice = only a 5% increase in school budget. ***As stated above, the Deerfield school district could cap tuition at the rate agreed to with Concord and families would have to make up the difference, INSTEAD OF INCREASING TAXES. These are commonly referred to as “top off” agreements. A “Top Off Agreement” would only increase the individual family’s contribution for their student an extra $400/year, rather than upping taxes.

90% STIPULATION? – The Deerfield School Board has been quoted stating that if “CHS does not get 90% of Deerfield students, their tuition rate will go up dramatically.” However, this is not proven. That is an assumption. A good negotiating team could spin the fact that if CHS is half as good as they say it is, then they should have no issues attracting the vast majority of Deerfield students. Are they afraid that they cannot live up to their marketing claims?

Option #1: The Deerfield school district could cap tuition at the rate it contracts with CHS (or any other “contracted” high school), and have families make up any difference.  That is commonly referred to as “top off” agreements. Top off agreements have been, and are, in use in several NH school districts for decades. They provide for dramatically expanded school choice options, while simultaneously protecting the taxpayers.

Option #2: The Deerfield school district could add a warrant article for the town’s residents to vote and pay for high school choice in full. (Barrington has provided this standard for their students for many years and has had success with the model.) It would only increase the school budget by 5%.


Students who have high school choice are significantly more likely to graduate. This is due to the fact that it gives students an education tailored to their needs and also the fact that the student is more likely to be excited about their school choice.

Both Concord High & Coe-Brown offer very similar curriculum options. However, Concord has a much lower graduation rate and test scores, compared to Coe-Brown.
Click Here to see Concord High’s Program of Studies >
Click Here to see Coe-Browns’s Program of Studies >

CRTC: CRTC is open to students outside of the Concord school district. It operates as a school within a school (similar to a charter school), where students visit NHTI for their CRTC courses.

Coe-Brown also requires 40 Community Service Hours to graduate & offers Intra-Curricular Programs. • Click Here for Coe-Brown’s Intra-Curricular Organizations >


“Parents who exercise school choice frequently list school safety as one of their primary reasons for doing so. School safety is a particular concern in communities where violence is common.” – Here Are 10 Reasons School Choice Is Winning.

Every school has its “issues,” but some definitely have more than others. One High School may experience an excess of lockdowns and student violence compared to other local options. For Example: In 2022, Concord High shut down a hall way due to the fact that the teachers can’t “control the students’ fighting, profane language, destruction of property, & theft” = News Article Here: https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/concord-high-administrators-attempt-dampen-issues-main-street 

The Deerfield School Board does have a “CHANGE OF SCHOOL OR ASSIGNMENT BEST INTERESTS & MANIFEST HARDSHIP” Policy. However, it is extremely difficult for families to be approved for these reassignments and it’s very rare. It should not be a drawn out, huge process to ensure the teens of our town are safe in their learning environments.


1) Both Concord High School & Coe-Brown Northwood Academy would love to educate ALL of our students. Coe-Brown has room for Deerfield students too & will still have room for at least the next 20 years (current proposed contract timeframe)!

2) Deerfield can have more than 1 “School of Record” and even if they choose to have only one, they can still offer choice for all students. They have the power in negotiation. The proposed CHS Contract does NOT need to require 90% of students.

3) Voting down the “CHS ONLY” Warrant Article in March 2023, does NOT mean parents will be left on their own to find a high schools for their kids. The current CHS Contract does not expire until 30 June 2024. There is a full year to achieve high school choice.


• Concord High’s Average Class Size = 15-17 students / class
• Coe-Brown’s Average Class Size = 8-10 students / class


Concord High is considered to be more “diverse,” with a larger population and representation of a variety of cultures. This is important to some families, but a majority of Deerfield parents do not consider this as a primary concern when discussing educational opportunities.

Both Concord High & Coe-Brown offer a strong high school community. They become a culture of their own. It should be up to the individual families to decide which high school culture their teens will excel in.


CHS is a Division 1 School and that is important to student athletes in town. Concord High offers great D1 Football, Wrestling, and Basketball team opportunities. However, Coe-Brown also has very high standards for their athletics teams. Coe-Brown continuously participates in State Championships for D2 Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, and Lacrosse. They also offer non-traditional sports, such as Fishing & Bowling. Both high schools have a healthy, competitive culture surrounding their sports programs.


Both Concord High & Coe-Brown offer a large variety of extracurricular activities & state that additional clubs may be added as student interest arises.

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