Distance & Transportation

The Deerfield School Board conducted a survey in 2021, with the following question, asking the current parents of DCS (K-8) “How important do you think each of the following will be to you or your student in making high school a good or bad experience?” See the results below on the left… The same year, the DCS Board also conducted a survey with the then current Concord High School students asking them to rate their satisfaction with transportation options. See those results below on the right…

In addition to the K-8 parent survey, the DCS Board also conducted a survey with UNH in 2009, asking the current Concord High School parents & students “For your child and your family, what are the disadvantages or difficulties of attending Concord High School?” Here are those results:

One of Concord High’s biggest disadvantages for our community is its distance & transportation issues.